Notes for members

Next concert

Rehearsals for our next concert start on Tuesday 11 September 2018 in the Mayfield CE Primary School Hall. For all dates see »Rehearsal schedule.


We do not rehearse year-round, just in the two to three months leading up to each concert. Rehearsals start in February for the May concert, and in mid September for the November concert. They take place in the Mayfield Primary School Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7.15 to 9.15 pm. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and to arrive in good time, we always start promptly.

There is usually an additional Saturday morning rehearsal mid-way through the rehearsal period and again on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons immediately preceding the concert. Everyone taking part in the concert is expected to attend these rehearsals too.

You will need to have a soft-leaded pencil and eraser with you at rehearsals to annotate your scores as indicated by the music director.

We have a small raffle at each rehearsal to raise additional choir funds. Contributions of prizes are always welcome.


The registrar records each member’s details, and keeps a record of attendances; you are asked to be sure to tick your name in the register at the beginning of each rehearsal. You are also asked to notify the registrar in advance of any absence from rehearsal.

Music & Folders

Vocal scores are available for hire from the librarian for a nominal charge at the start of rehearsals. At the end of the concert you are asked to return all borrowed scores to the librarian who will be waiting to collect them. Prior to returning the score, you are also asked to erase any annotations you have added. Anyone unable to take part in the concert is responsible for returning his or her score to the librarian in person as soon as possible. Late return of scores will incur a fine from the lending library which the member will be expected to pay. Occasionally, if we cannot source hire scores, it may be necessary to ask members to buy their own.

We use plain black folders to hold scores for the concert performances. These can be bought from the Choir at a price of £5.


The current annual membership is £95 per annum. Details of payment options are available from

Publicity & Ticket Sales

The expenses involved in staging concerts with a full orchestra and professional soloists are high and we therefore count on members to do all they can to ensure large audiences by selling as many tickets as possible to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues

•  by spreading the word and displaying and distributing flyers, leaflets and posters as widely as possible.
•  Our target is to expect each member to sell at least four tickets for each concert

Concert Dress Code

At concerts our dress code is:

•  Ladies: long black skirt or trousers, long-sleeved white top.
•  Men: dinner jacket, black bow tie, white shirt

Rehearsal Aids

There is a great deal of material available these days to help choral singers learn their parts, both free and to purchase. These include:

  • »John Fletcher - free (donation requested) rehearsal files for all kinds of music, with composer and title indexes
  • »CyberBass - free for on-line use, choral learning CDs available for purchase
  • »Learn Choral Music - midi files free to download
  • »ChoraLine - scores, rehearsal and performance CDs to purchase

See also these sites for general information about choral singing.

  • »Choral Society - a webmag for choral singers
  • »Making Music - an organisation supporting voluntary music, to which Mayfield Festival Choir subscribes